Several banks serving mortgage simulation : Website2
Several banks serving mortgage simulation : Website2

Several banks serving mortgage simulation : Website2

Use mortgage simulations in the following banks

Before taking out a credit loan, you should first know the amount of credit that must be covered, you can use a mortgage simulation to be able to find out about the problem. There are several banks that provide such services to provide convenience for anyone who wants to know how much home loans it is.

The need for a home is indeed much needed for anyone in the world. But to get a decent home, capital preparation is not bad and not everyone can pay as much to buy a house. So, this mortgage could be a solution for the lower middle class to be able to get a mortgage. Often those who want to take out a mortgage feel hesitant for fear that they will not be able to return payments.

While in this simulation in the form of a mortgage calculator, it can better prepare customers who want to take out a mortgage so they can find out how much needs to be paid. Whether with quite a large amount of customers they can share the finances they have to pay home loan payments. All these things should be carefully prepared in advance.



When you remember that to decide to take out a home loan,  it means that you must also be willing to bear a debt of non-small amounts for the rest of your life. Therefore, it requires various calculations and also readiness in various ways, including in financial planning it will be carried out when you have made payments. Use mortgage simulations at various banks that provide this service, here is the explanation.

Several banks serving mortgage simulation

The bank provides a mortgage calculator service to provide convenience for customers who want to plan to take credit to buy a house. Banks provide these services including mortgage simulations from BCA, then Mandiri, BTN, BNI, BRI banks, Maybank, Permata, CIMB Niaga, Danamon, and simulations at UOB.

The first is a mortgage simulation from the BCA. This bank is famous for its relatively innovative calculation of n ya in interest compared to other banks. Given that the majority of Indonesians are rather sensitive as regards interest, this bank provides a rather innovative interest, namely the existence of a ‘solution and a cap’, and also the existence of a ‘3-year interest solution’. This is in order to provide flower relief for the community itself.

In the fix and cap scheme itself, you will have a service in the form of consistency in interest rates that can last for 5 years. The combination of donated flowers has constant as well as maximum. Everyone will want to get an exact and steady amount, so with BCA bank this could be a solution to use a mortgage simulation.

Then there is such a thing as “stick 1-2 months ” if you take this product, then in the first 1 to 2 years, you will definitely have certainty of interest, and there is no need for a penalty if you are going to repay. With this scheme, it becomes a separate exemption for customers, and also an interest with the least value among others. Even on the basis of several surveys conducted, the bca is suspected of having an interest in very cheap value.

Spjegazzjoni tas-Simulazzjoni KPR għall-Bank Mandiri, BTN, BNI

The extensive network owned by Mandiri Bank, has reached several regions for remote parts of the archipelago. Because this bank is the largest bank in Indonesia, it always provides you with no less great services than other banks in the whole country. There are a few things that are an attraction at this bank. One of them is the tenor that uses the mortgage simulation for a very long period of time, it can even be up to 20 years.

It is very appropriate at that time if you want to make a loan in the form of property items. As regards the interest scheme granted, Bank Mandiri certainly has a variety of interesting features as follows. That is, the existence of Flexible Mandiri and Tiered Installments. Both have their own advantages. In flexible Mandiri, you can take a house then determine for yourself how long and the distribution of credit on each division. And for Tiered Installments, you can postpone as payments until the third year, for next year payments will return to normal.

In addition to Mandiri, BTN bank also provides lending services for home loans. In fact, this bank has been providing these loan services for a long time. This is a solution by the government to help people be able to buy a house easily. In this case, the convenience provided for the government for Low Income People can get a large DP worth just 1%, as well as a 5% interest rate, can be taken for a long time up to 20 years, for that there is no need to refrain from using a mortgage simulation.

In addition, you can also take this simulation to the bank built. The loan product provided by the BNI is called BNI griya which can be used in various purposes such as to increase, renovate or purchase, take over villas, shops, in addition to men, kaveling flooring, and many more can be used in this BNI griya. Interestingly, the tenor given by this bank is capable of reaching 25 years of age.

BRI, Maybank, Permata, Are Also No Less Interesting in Providing KPR Services

Currently, BRI bank is one of the banks with a large number in Indonesia. So, this bank is also not inferior to guiding them to using mortgage simulations for their customers, with two products that can be used in borrowing. That is, in the form of regular subsidies and also. Both are very suitable for use by BRI customers across Indonesia.

For credit of a regular nature, it is intended for ordinary persons who have a sufficient income. Residences can be taken up can be houses, apartments, etc. In the meantime, in the type of subsidy, of course, it is used for people with incomes below 4 million, as it meets certain conditions granted.

And if you’re a maybank customer user, there are two credit options that can be made. That is Maybank Floating Rate, Interest Free, and also Maybank Plus. At a floating rate, you can raise interest ratesfrom the start  of making payments. And in Interest Free, you get a combination with the savings account provided. Meanwhile, in Maybank Plus, credit will be combined with the number of current account payments when the KPR simulation is used.

At Permata bank, loans are granted through regular and sharia methods. You can choose both of them based on your individual needs. The existence of a clever KPR in Permata, allows you to enjoy a 0% interest, and also 75% as acalculation when deducting the capital given.

Choose According to Your  Individual Needs

By adjusting the income  you get, you can choose what can be taken so that later you can pay the payments easily. Don’t just be tempted by the amount of large loans, but how you can account for the loan later. Make sure you use the mortgage simulation and be able to pay depending on the period of concession granted.

When you remember that when you decide to make a home loan,  it means that you must also be willing to bear a debt of non-small amounts for your entire life. Therefore, it requires various calculations and also readiness in various ways, including in financial planning it will be carried out when you have made payments. There are several banks that provide this service, here’s an explanationnyes

Because of the  loan  debt you use to buy a house, you will be a big dependent in your life. Preparation to make it easier to cover payments may also be prepared as early as possible. Especially for those of you who earn at medium value, using a mortgage simulation  may be more helpful in the future.