Requirements for submitting issueswith Bank Danamon to OJK/BI : WAGB
Requirements for submitting issueswith Bank Danamon to OJK/BI : WAGB

Requirements for submitting issueswith Bank Danamon to OJK/BI : WAGB

Danamon Call Center Service Options for Customers

If you become a bank Danamon customer, you need to know the Danamon call center. A service that a large company like Danamon certainly has. This service is designed for customers who wish to communicate directly with the bank’s representatives. Whether it is to obtain information, explanations, submit complaints or problems.

Of course, in every transaction process, customers need information about the rules, terms and other conditions. With this service, every process performed by customers can be carried out easily. During this time, complaints or criticisms cannot be separated from the service.

In addition, in all its transactions, the Bank has experienced problems. However, as a professional financial institution, Danamon prepares response and communication services with its clients. In addition, it is also very open when its customers submit suggestions for response reviews and so on. Here, the role of the danamon call center is to provide the best customer service service.

However, if you look at the effectiveness of the reports provided by the media, it is very effective and efficient. Because you can consult and communicate directly with customer service, as well as explaining or responding to it, you are easier to understand.

Danamon Call Center Service for Customers

Below are some Danamon call centers that can be contacted by customers.

  1. Telephone

When you need a communication with the Bank, this can be done through the danamon/1500090 call center if you are domiciled in Indonesia. In the meantime, if you are domiciled outside Indonesia, contact 021 2354 6100. To obtain this service, you must provide telephone data costs. Although the value is not much different from contacting other people in general.

But looking at the effectiveness of these media reports, it’s very effective and efficient. Because you can consult and communicate directly with customer service, as well as explaining or responding to it, you are easier to understand.

  1. Interactive voice response

In addition to using the credit to communicate with customer service, you can use interactive voice response. This service is a bank danamon effort to solve the problems faced by its customers. For this service, you need to make sure of the problem or the necessary information, so that it is appropriate in the use of the code.

As for the problem of blocking credit cards, you can use the code 211, while for debit cards, use 212. Code 221 for balance information. Code 222 to convey the problem of account transfer.  You can also change the phone pin using the shortcode 225.

Consultation by speaking directly can use 220. To get information about Danamon credit cards, Visa and Master Card can use 2 32. The advantage of using this service is that efficiency can be maintained. Because you expressed it briefly and clearly. In addition, it does not require a large impulse to function.

  1. Hello Danamon

The Hello Danamon service is available 24 hours a day for customer consultation needs. Hello Danamon can be used by both customers and non-customers. For people who want to become customers, they can request rule information and other basic information.

To use this service, please use the number 1500090 if the use of GSM is 677777. If you want to include a file, you can access Email:

Other options Get customer service

Below are some customer service options to choose from.

  1. Webmail

Another alternative if you don’t want to spend too much credit is to use webmail. To use the services  of the danamon call center,  you need personal data. However, the bank guarantees that the security of the data is not extended to other people. The data required during this transaction are the name of the e-mail address of the mobile phone number and the information you wish to transmit.

ForFacebook social media, please follow the Danamon Bank fan page, as the bank’s Instagram account is @mydanamon. In the meantime, if you are used to using LinkedIn, Danamon can be contacted via PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk.

After  sending all the data, just wait for a response from customer service. But the disadvantage of this service is that the answers given by the customer service are  relatively longer. Therefore, if you need information or faster service, we recommend using other media.

  1. Social Media

If you are very active on social media, you can also use social media to contact  the services of the danamon call center. The benefits of this service in addition to not requiring high costs are also relatively easy to do. To contact the service using Twitter can be done on the account of the @hellodanamon consult regarding transactions or non-transactions. In the meantime, if you need news about events and so on, please go through @danamon.

If you use Facebook, please follow the Bank Danamon fan page. If you use the Instagram app, you can send it to @mydanamon. If you are used to using LinkedIn, Danamon can be contacted via PT Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk.

In addition to excessive costs and convenience, using social media to contact customer service takes longer than getting a response from customer service. It is better not to use this service if it has an urgent need.

But to overcome this, you can use the Dingtone app. This application is given to provide danamon call center services  directly to the customer service that will be answered at that time. This account gives customers 5 free minutes to communicate.

If you would like a more detailed and easy-to-understand explanation, you can contact the nearest Bank Danamon office directly. There will be an explanation directly from the  service cashier. However, we recommend this step if you also want to make a transaction. If you just want to file a complaint or get information, this can be done remotely.

Bank Danamon  Complaint Submission Flow

Once the customer has submitted a complaint in the manner we explained above, the bank first sees the need. If it can be completed at that time, customer service will give advice directly.

However, if the problem is serious, Danamon staff will try to resolve it for 20 days. This question is necessary because they will communicate it directly to the other party. Usually, the complaints submitted that go through this process are those that require further research with third parties who collaborate with Bank Danamon.

Then, the staff will inform the conclusions or actions on their part. If it is felt that it takes longer, it will be transmitted to the customer. If the measures taken by the bank can solve the problem, then the problem is solved.

However, if the bank cannot solve the problem, it can request facilities from BI or OJK. To submit a request to BI, you can use contact 1500 131. It can also be an email As for requests to the OJK, you can contact at 1 500 655. If you wish to contact by e-mail, please send a complaint with address.

Requirements for submitting issueswith Bank Danamon to OJK/BI

However, to file a complaint with BI and OJK, there are requirements that must be met by the customer. Among them, customers filed complaints and tried to obtain action from Danamon Bank. And there is no agreement between Danamon Bank and the customer.

Another condition, the problem encountered between bank danamon and the client is a civil act that has no legal decision or is still in the process of being resolved. Finally, this service will be provided if the loss suffered by the customer is a maximum of 500 hundred million rupees.

When communicating with danamon call centers using the above methods, remember ethics. Convey complaints, criticisms and suggestions well and clearly. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer, repeat it until it’s clear.

When facing legal problems, don’t forget your position. Whether the source of the problem is the bank or you. If you find a bank or a third party, you can prepare solid evidence. Thus, before reaching the OJK or BI, it can be completed correctly at the Danamon call center.

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