Legal repair site for Java outside Jakarta : Kitaswara
Legal repair site for Java outside Jakarta : Kitaswara

Legal repair site for Java outside Jakarta : Kitaswara

The most comprehensive list of Samsung service centers throughout Indonesia   

The list of  Samsung services departments throughout  Indonesia must never be separated from the needs of electronic goods maintenance. All electronics are certainly durable for a period of time during use, and in time special attention is needed so that performance and performance return to normal.

In fact, using products with electronic devices is something the community needs, and the presence of smartphones is beautiful It actually helps us to become more realistic in all sorts of activities, and because of the smartphones presented between people, there have been so many big changes.

Given the important value of the presence of this type of mobile phone, it should be treated as much as possible, and if there is damage, it certainly reduces your activity when you do some daily tasks, so you have to repair the phone first and continue to do a variety of activities.

Because of something like this, you need suggestions for providing information related to the product repair site. The following list of Samsung service stations  throughout Indonesia  can be used when you are searching:

Special mobile phone manufacturing repair centers around Jakarta

Of course, when a customer buys a mobile phone at his legal company store, all his products have insurance. This assurance was provided by the label to maintain quality: if there is a problem with a smartphone, a guarantee can be made according to legal evidence.

Everyone must also have understood the existence of the legal service space provided by the company. In addition, Samsung’s product name  is  level when it comes to smartphone devices So now, according to the company’s website, you only need to find information related to the location and location of the official exits.

If you wish to use the guarantee, please come to the officially registered official exit and there are plenty of references to the location of the outlets for customers in the Jakarta area According to the official website  , a  list  of Samsung service  centers throughout Indonesia has a particular list for the Jabodetabad region  .  

Mall Amsssor

  1. Pacific site

PGC Cilitan

  1. ITC Cempaka Mas


ITC Fatmawatii

Green Lake Sunter Shophouse

Kelapa Gading

Manga DuA Square

Pondod Ender

Rukan Fantasi Jakbar

  1. Singapore

Supermall Karawaci


Deputy Urban Square

Mega Mall Bekasii

Pajajaran Bogor

If you want to modify and maintain your smartphone immediately, you can use some of the above references as a quote. Therefore, all of the above information will be used as a guide to you while you are in the area.

Legal repair site for Java outside Jakarta

In the past,  several locations have been discussed on the Samsung service centers list  all over  Indonesia around  Jabodatakh. As a user of the phone products, no doubt everyone can feel better because the immediate area already has a legal repair shop to recover when there is a phone problem.

  1. West Java: BEC Mall (Istana Bandung Electronic Center)၊ Bandung Dago, Siliwangi Tasikmalaya၊ Cledug Garutya

2.Central Java: Tegel, Pawukato, Simaran, Simeon Lima, Georgetronic, Kalian Yogyakarta, Solo Grand Mall, Solo Grand Mall

East Java: Malang Plaza, WTC Surabaya, WTC Surabayaa, Hitat Mall Surabaya, Plaza Marina Surabaya, Plaza Marina Surabaya, Provolingo, Jamba

Based on the quotation location, it is understandable that almost every city has branches for the smartphone industry. Try to do a search via the internet. Although it is already underway, the location may not have  been logged into Samsung’s official website  .

In java, of course, there is indeed an income-generating service location in cities, which means that at the time of purchase, there will be no difficulty in maintaining the phone with guarantees, even though the insurance period has expired, but it still costs at the expense of the damage level.

 The quality of the products from the Samsung Services Departments list across Indonesia can be seen to be maintained. Best efforts are always given to continue loyalty, so the entire coverage area of Java has already been obtained by the Official Department of Repair.

 Full list of official Samsung broadcasts outside Java

As we continue to discuss the discussion, which focused on the location of the exits, we learn that there are also branches outside Java. Equality has been expanded for everyone to achieve, especially in terms of ownership for people in the region, there is no doubt that they want the best service for mobile phones.

Its compelling evidence may be noted in relation to widely available repair services.The region outside Java for integrated services There is a list   of Samsung service  centers across Indonesia for requirements to repair some of the locations associated with Samsung outlets outside Java     For more information, see the brochure What Does God Allow?

  1. Bali: Denpasar Tuku Umar, Denpasar Mahandita, Denpasar Gallery mobile phone

၂။ Lombok : Mataram West Nusa Tenggara

  1. Sulawesi: Makassar MTC Karebosi, Makassar Pettarani, Palu Basuki Rahmat၊ Kendari Sarananni
  2. Kalimantan: Yos Sudarso Tarakan, Hansen Balikapan, General Yurip Pontiacin, Ahmed Yani Benjamin, Tajik Riot Palenkara, Singapore
  3. Sumatra: Bandar Lampung, Pambang Square Mall, East Palimban Ela, Raflisia B [ Box / Picture on page 6] PADAN, PADAN, PLAZAMIDAN MILENIUM, GATETO SUVROTO MEDAN, LEON BATABANDA ASH, PANKAL PANKAL PANAN, RUKO TAMAN GURINDAM RIO

Based  on  data from the list of Samsung Services Departments throughout Indonesia, the company is almost on the islands. For the future, the company is located all over the place. Maximum efforts will surely be made to broaden services, so even if they are in the West or East, the best work will still be achieved.

Types of services provided by Samsung  Repair Centers

Of course, being a customer for Samsung products is the right choice because it is the best quality. It should also be calculated because the company can support the state of the damaged smartphone, so it can go back to its original state.

So it’s not surprising if so many people ask what businesses they’ll get later.  Information from a list of Samsung service stations across Indonesia If  you meet requirements in accordance with assurance conditions, all phone preparations will be declared free of charge.

You don’t need to spend money because you are still in the insurance period according to the company’s guarantee. It starts with repairing and replacing theaters, sensors, cameras, processors, speakers, and microphones.

To reuse the phone, all forms of service will be performed quickly and at the highest quality. It’s impossible to lose when it’s safe and repaired; in fact, a  lot of people have worked themselves out on what it’s like to use the most comprehensive service from Samsung.

In summary, you can actually meet all your needs about mobile products from Samsung  at the nearest exit. Make sure you visit one of the lists above, so please modify the  list of Samsung service stations throughout  Indonesia according to  your current location.

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