Good at choosing online loans and not being fooled   
Good at choosing online loans and not being fooled  

Good at choosing online loans and not being fooled: JelitaNews

Make sure you are good at opting for an online loan when you are in trouble. Because the platform itself is in Indonesia. Its development occurred in recent years, when the system began to be known to the public. With the introduction, the number of such companies has increased.

Of course, not all online loans are of high quality. Some are still new in age, so the quality offered may not be as you would like. If you are deceived and have such a platform, you may be put at a disadvantage. That’s because the platform may actually be harming you.

In order not to be deceived into making the wrong choice, selective nature is essential. With this selective nature, the quality he gets is definitely desirable. Actually, there are some tips that you need to consider when choosing it. Pay attention to the following tips and always be good at choosing an online loan .

Choose a reliable platform

The first tip when choosing an online loan is to pay attention to its reliability. The criteria for one’s own reliability are not that complicated. The most important point of this reliability lies in its registration with the Financial Services Agency. If the loan is trustworthy, you need to register the loan in OJK. The way to check for yourself is very simple.

There are already many functions on the Internet to check if the loan is registered in the OJK. Pay attention to this point and make sure that you are good at choosing an online loan. If a platform is not registered with the FSA, it means that the platform is illegal. Illegal platforms can harm you by being too interested, etc.

The requirements for a reliable platform are then found on that site or website. There is no doubt that a reliable platform has an official website or an application of an established appearance. Don’t choose a loan to use a free website. Also, do not choose a loan that offers offers via WA and SMS.

If it is not owned only by the official website or application, its reliability is highly doubtful. In addition, quality borrower sites and applications always provide complete information from Pinjol itself. Important information such as interest and loan options.  Creating such an array is not as easy as it seems.

This confirms that your site is reliable. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to call centers that are good at opting for online loans. A high-quality platform always provides consumers with high-quality CS. Quality CS is always easy to get in touch with.

In fact, some high-end platforms keep CS active for up to 24 hours. This state will obviously benefit consumers. As CS continues to operate for a long time, it will be able to accurately answer all kinds of questions from consumers. The answers from CS are also undoubtedly satisfying, so it’s impossible for consumers to feel that there is something lower than the answer.

Also, make sure the platform doesn’t harm consumers

In addition to high reliability, being good at choosing an online loan can also be proven by choosing a platform that does not harm consumers. The first point, of course, is interest. When borrowing with a loan, it is impossible that the loan is not accompanied by interest. Flowers should be there in different quantities.

From this profit, the owner of the platform will have an advantage and will be able to maintain the business. In fact, with the loan itself, one of the main difficulties lies in the presence of daily interest. If you are past the due date, you will need to pay Haria interest. Daily interests are actually common.

However, on some platforms, the daily interest is often too high. In fact, some people set the daily rate at 2% or more. Now imagine that you borrowed 10 million rupiah and the daily interest rate was 2%. This will bring the interest per day to IDR 200,000.

If the payment is delayed by one month, the interest has reached 6 million rupiah. This is very noticeable given that the amount is more than half of the initial loan. As a form of online loan that you are good at, choose a platform with an interest rate of 1% or less.

That is the standard fee selected and proposed by the FSA. Therefore, if your daily interest alone exceeds 1%, choose another platform. Do not forget to pay attention to the loan mechanism of the platform as well. If the financing mechanism alone is not clear, you may suddenly be charged for an amount that is too large.

This issue usually occurs when the platform you choose is not transparent when providing loan details. So, in this case, always choose an open pinjol. As a rule of thumb, there are three main mechanisms: The three elements include the repayment limit, the simulation of the installment, and the interest rate.

Some of the best platforms and their contacts

As a form of online loan pick, not all platforms can be chosen. There are a few that are worth choosing for the benefits they have. The first option is the moneyman. The moneyman himself is actually more dedicated to college students. This allows students to meet their needs while on the run.

Most loans are intended for workers only. Huanteman’s official office itself is located in South Jakarta. For more information, CS can be contacted at 021-8062-3000. Next up is Crédibo. This is one of the fastest growing online loans. Its popularity is constantly rising.

When you register for the first time, you can get a limit of up to 30 million rupiah. The amount is certainly not small. Crédivo itself is available either in the form of an application or an official website. The contact itself can be contacted in time. To contact him, call 0807-1573-348.

KTA Instan can also be used as a way to prove that you are good at choosing an online loan. Its popularity is not as high as the other names in this review. This is because the special feature of instant KTA is the income limit of the borrower. When someone wants to borrow there, their income must be at least 3 million rupiah.

If your income is low, you cannot perform additional processing. The online KTA itself can be chosen when borrowers often find it difficult by online loans that require them to meet a lot of requirements. The process here is fairly straightforward as it is completed in less than a minute.

Finally, Kredit Pintar will also be an option. The uniqueness of smart credit lies in the requirements, and only an ID card is required to allow someone to pay money there. When renting, please take a selfie with your ID.

Tips for taking out an online loan

Although loans are made online, that doesn’t mean that someone can be arbitrary in making payments. Trying to choose an online loan is useless unless someone is serious about payments. If possible, be sure to make a payment before entering maturity.

Using it will make you more calm and reduce the chances of forgetting to pay. Remember that if you pay late, there is daily interest to be charged. Instead of losing a lot of money for it, always try to pay as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to selectively choose the platform as well. Making the wrong choice can create some bad possibilities. These bad possibilities include high interest rates, an inconvenient billing process, and an invasion of privacy. Always be selective, cautious, and make sure you are good at choosing an online loan.

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