3 Ways to Easily Change Telcomsel Quota : WaMod
3 Ways to Easily Change Telcomsel Quota : WaMod

3 Ways to Easily Change Telcomsel Quota : WaMod

3 Ways to Easily Change Telcomsel Quota

The 3 ways to change the telcomsel quota are currently important to know if  you  or your friends have run out of allocation at any given time. Of course, it can be complicated if you don’t have a quota in 1 hour.  You can’t use communication apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc. Similarly, social media applications cannot be accessed without reservations.

The need for communication applications is very important for now. Especially for those who work remotely, communication throughout the entire job is carried out through electronic devices. Work will be hampered and important moments will be lost while exiting the quota.

Similarly with social media, both users and content creators. For users, of  course, you don’t want to be left behind by new messages from friends. For content creators, you need to capture and share interesting moments right away. If it’s several hours late, it’s going to lose sense, because so many people have shared it.  After being able to realize the importance of allocations,  we provide information about 3 ways to change the Telcomsel quota.

3 Ways to Easily Change Telcomsel Quota

The D i below is the easiest  method used for nsfer telcombsell allocation.

  1. Sending allotment through UMB
  2. Please open the “Call” service to send credit via UMB.
  3. Enter the number *500*2# to get a selection of services.
  4. You will display an Internet data service message, and select point 1 for the “Yes” command.
  5. Then, you can write down the provider number where the internet data is sent.
  6. The next step is to fill in the value of the internet data to be sent
  7. Enter the number 1 to finally agree to the command.
  8. If the delivery process is successful, you will receive a message to send a successful allotment.
  9. Via USSD
  10. Please open the “Call/Call” menu and then enter *363 #
  11. After that, aim n  at point 8 to open up internet data information
  12. Point to 7 for the other set of commands.
  13. Select Point 4 or “Gift” for the command to send internet data.
  14. Fill in the number of providers you want to go to.
  15. Then, go to the command “Appropriation transfer flash gift package”.
  16. Finally, give a dispatch order and wait for information about the completion of the credit transfer process.
  17. By App
  18. To send internet data using one of the 3 ways to change the Telkomsel quota using the My Telkomsel app , you need to install it on an electronic device. If you don’t already have one, please download it to the Play Store.
  19. If the application is installed, please go to “Give a gift”
  20. Navigate to the “Transfer Allocation” group
  21. Next, fill in the number of the friend provider intended for internet data. Similarly with the amount of internet data to be sent
  22. Not so long ago, you would receive a confirmation message.
  23. Make sure to complete the process of sending internet data.

Terms and Conditions for Sending Telcomsel Allotment

While the proposed provider is  similar to the one under the telcom company like Telcomsel and Telcomsel Loop, Simpati, the requirements for using the 3 ways to change the telcomsel quota at the top. As of now, it is not yet possible to send it to other providers outside Telcom such as Indosat.

The next requirement can be sent with at least 50 MB of internet data. The maximum limit in an exchange is 5 hundred MB. The total delivery in 1 day will be a maximum of 3GB and the maximum delivery frequency will be 6 times higher. Therefore, if you use the maximum value of both the frequency and the amount of internet data, the value is exactly 3 GB.

The fee required for 1 transaction is 5 thousand rupees. The remaining loan is Rs 1,000 when rs 5,000 is taken for shipping expenses. So when the remaining credit on your card  is Rs 5,000, you can’t send the allotment.

In addition, the  limit for internet data usage as a result of sending 3 ways to change the telcomsel quota is 3 days. When it is more than 3 days, internet data sent by others will no longer be used. Even internet data will be lost, and if you do not fill it up, the value will return to the way it was. But for senders, the usage period will not decrease.

Benefits of Telcombsel for making delivery easier

Knowing the 3 ways to change the telcomsel quota is not only important because of the requirements. In addition, there are relatively more provider users under Telcom than other providers. So those who want to get an export or send a loan are much easier.

The number of users is inseparable from the many benefits that users can enjoy. Today less than 78 million people become its loyal customers. This is because the owned network is considered to be the most stable. In addition, signal coverage can reach 95 percent of all Indonesian citizens.

With more than 27 thousand telecommunications infrastructure facilities, it is not surprising that all regions in Indonesia exercise human rights. This provider has built more than 24 thousand telecommunications access in the village through the USO.  In addition, under Telcoms, in addition to Telcomsel,  there are also  Telcomsel Loop, Cart AS and Sympathi, which can transfer internet data from Telcomsel.

In terms of network quality, with continuity, Telcomsel is able to meet world standards, has more than 98 percent coverage at the connection level. The quality of this network is also affected by dual band GMS 9 hundred, 1.8 thousand, +3G.

It is inseparable from the levels of the budget to maintain network stability and quality. Not less than Rs 17 trillion is being provided to maintain consumer convenience. It is meant to maintain its network, services and develop its products.

Telcomsel continues to develop its products.  You can mention, Ringnam, iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Internet Service, D-Cash Wallet, Mobile Banking, Telcombsel Flash and so on. Telcomsel will continue to develop its innovations to counter the mobile lifestyle.

Needless to mention that when you are experiencing difficulties, it is shown by Telcomsel’s professional customer service. Today more than 500 thousand service centers are offered in high quality. There are m-kiosks, outlet dealers, kira pari, call centers and so on.

How to save on submission result allocation

Considering that the sent allocation is limited, of course you should use it as little as possible. This effort sometimes fails because everything is required for important things. However,  several attempts are made to store the data obtained from one of the 3 ways to change the telcomsel allocation.

  1. Turn off automatic updates

Often among those who spend data, automatically update apps. To avoid this, you can set up to do the app update manually. Change automatic updating over Wi-Fi online or don’t automatically update in Play Store settings.

  1. Disable automatic downloads

This automatic download also applies to apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Change settings from automatic downloads of media/files sent by others to manual downloads. This can be done by setting up download data storage manually.

To store data, you can use the offline system in applications that are commonly used online. For example, the spotify app, Google Maps, and many others offer offline and online formats. But for some applications, you can use the offline format as a fee.

Finally, if you can really access M-Banking or how to buy other loans independently, you can do it right away. It’s safe, easy, it’s possible to measure usage controls and more.   It is only used in a complex situation  from the process of 3 ways to change the telcomsel allocation.

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